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All About Ceil: We are impressed by the the standard of the food here and quite enjoyed it, especially the Fried Spring Roll

My dining companion took a bite of the fried spring roll and said, “This is quite nice and there is actually minced meat in it.” It was quite flavorful, nicely fried to the desired crispiness and not overly greasy, served along with a vinegar dipping sauce.

We were quite impressed by the standard of the food here and quite enjoyed it, especially the Fried Spring Roll.

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Ladyironchef: This no-frills Vietnamese eatery has the prettiest dishes!

It is not easy being a hawker nowadays. You are expected to cook good food, able to present it nicely so it is IG-ready. Luckily I’ve got an DSLR from the days running around Singapore to shoot for fun!

Miss Tam Chiak: Que – Authentic Vietnamese Food That You’ve Been Looking Pho!

Before adding any condiments to my beef pho, I decided to get a slurp of the mouth-watering clear broth. Light and herbaceous, the broth was incredibly refreshing. However, it didn’t quite have that rich beefy ‘oomph’. It turns out that the chef-owner uses chicken bones instead of beef bones to simmer the broth. In my opinion, the use of chicken bones resulted in a lighter and less intense flavour. That being said, I could still taste the spice mixture that was used to fortify the flavours of the broth. It’s commendable that Que does not use any MSG in their food!

I think it’s really impressive that Que is a one-woman show. With recipes that come straight from the owner’s Vietnamese mother, Que serves food that’s as authentic as it gets!

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